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The other side of the learning curve.

As Digital Transformation makes lightning-quick changes throughout every organization in every industry, keeping pace means falling behind. At ASUG University, we’re laser-focused on preparing SAP customers for “what’s next.” Our SAP training curriculum is designed to bring business and IT people together in an intimate and collaborative learning environment. Mentored by thought leaders and game-changers alike, this is where disruptors get their inspiration to shape the future.

Is that you?


ASUG University has opened its digital doors to everyone.

• Strategic business leaders needing a big-picture perspective for making informed purchasing decisions.
• Functional business professionals seeking to understand the latest SAP technologies available to help them improve business results.
• Forward-thinking IT pros looking to better prepare themselves and their organizations.
• Proactive SAP users ready to re-tool their skill set for the changes ahead.
• New SAP users eager to fast-track their career options with the highest level of industry education and connections.

World Class Curriculum. Community-Centric.

Because there is no such thing as a ‘standard’ learning style, ASUG University offers a dynamic program of premium SAP content delivered in a wide array of face-to-face educational formats, including hands-on training, lectures, multiple-day seminars, and one-day roadshows, as well as virtually through webcasts and white papers on trending topics.

Face-to-Face SAP Education: Expect to be challenged. Led by top-tier experts, the seminars are highly charged, interactive experiences for business and IT participants. And like all ASUG events, participants are encouraged to share their questions, challenges, and successes. Learning happens in the classroom, at the lunch table, over cocktails, and all points in between. And the results beyond world-class knowledge? A new relationship built on side-by-side learning, where both sides of the business can communicate and work together more productively.

Webcasts: Subject matter experts, trendsetters, and thought leaders present key learnings through a virtual platform that provides opportunities for live chats and question-and-answers. Unable to make the live presentation? No problem. Like all virtual events, recordings of our webcasts are available 24/7 so you can learn on your own schedule.

On-Demand Learning: ASUG University is bundling in-demand seminars and education sessions at our events for SAP professionals like you to access when you need it. Check out our SAPS/4HANA Finance package.

White Papers: ASUG will tap into the talent, experience, and passion of experts in the ASUG community and SAP ecosystem to answer the biggest questions on the most in-demand topics for download at your convenience.

But learning doesn’t end with ASUG University. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Built on ASUG’s community network, you can be a part of something bigger…much bigger. An ASUG membership means you can plug into unlimited learning opportunities when you need it most. It’s where “I have a problem” shakes hands with “I just solved that!” – 24/7/365. Visit to learn more.

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager

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SAP UX Seminar

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SAP HANA Seminar

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Who Should Attend?

  • As new technologies emerge, the lines between business and IT are becoming more blurred. New cross-functional skills and collaborative relationships are now needed to fuel enterprise-wide success. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here. So if you sit behind an SAP screen, there’s a seat waiting for you at ASUG University.

"All of our ASUG University programs are highly interactive, hands-on and deal directly with the toughest challenges facing all professionals today—regardless if you’re on the business side or in IT." Geoff Scott, Chief Executive Officer, Americas' SAP Users' Group