"My most valuable takeaway was the ease of use of the product and the integration of the product with R and Python to take advantage of the strengths of those languages."

- Anthony Green, Pepco/Excelon

Predictive Analytics Bootcamps

There are no Predictive Analytics classes scheduled at this time. If you are interested, please reach out to asugu@asug.com.


Hands-on Experience

We provide all the data sets, use cases and hands-on exercises to use the tool in class in a variety of ways and explore all the key capabilities in real-world scenarios.

Couple People

Why Attend?

If you feel limited by the constraints of Excel or are tired of looking at historical data and guessing what the next quarter holds for your company, take your analysis to the next level with our workshop.  The course prepares you to better understand and apply key concepts in data analytics, and experiment hands-on with the market-leading SAP Predictive Analytics solution.

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Who Should Attend?

This one-day bootcamp is designed for business practitioners who work in a multitude of roles and are interested in improving their knowledge and skills in SAP Predictive Analytics and learning core concepts.

Past attendee titles include:

•Business Practitioners and Analysts

•BI Program/Support/Developers

•Financial Systems Analyst, Manager, or Director

•Forecasting, Budgeting or Marketing Analytics


Course and Experience Prerequisites

•Business experience: business processes, information systems, Internet, technology-enabled business, spreadsheets, databases, digital representation of data, and basics of hardware and software

•Basic skills in Microsoft Excel: working with tables, formulae, sorting, filtering and charting

•Familiarity with business statistics concepts

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